Sciencefindsart.com (SFA) was initially created to help combat the issue of scientists and other clients involved science communication being unable to find a scientific illustrator to suit their needs. In its first iteration, SFA will be an online catalog of artist portfolios designed to be easily browsable and searchable. SFA takes extra steps to make the site friendly for use by those involved in science, such as tagging all pieces with commonly used scientific names and groups. Displaying work on the site is currently completely free to artists, and we hope to keep it that way.


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Right now, SFA is focused on growing the number of artists on the site for the May launch. However, we are also hard at work establishing robust resource pages, a blog, and a forum.

SFA is actively promoted among scientific and artistic communities by the SFA team and a small group of artists that are featured on the site. All of the artists on SFA, if they are interested, are encouraged to become involved in the direction of the project as it grows. We believe SFA has a lot more potential for community-building among illustrators and repairing the relationship between art and science. We have some pretty lofty goals for the future and we’re always interested in hearing your ideas!


June 10th, 2019 - We are splitting the portfolios on the site into two categories. Scientific illustration for an academic audience and scientific illustration for the public. Portfolios will now be accepted to one or the other category. Artists may have separate portfolios in both categories, but they must adhere to the Portfolio Guidelines and may only share up to 2 pieces

May 27th, 2019 - SFA officially launched. The site was being featured at the SPNHC, 2019 Conference in Chicago, IL


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